Monday, January 10, 2005

Consecrate - a Primer

1] To set apart as sacred; dedicate to sacred uses with appointed ceremonies.

2] To dedicate, devote (He consecrated his life to the cause.)

3] To apotheosize (deify, glorify, exalt) canonize.

4] To make reverend or venerable; hallow (consecrated by time)

Archaic - hallowed, consecrated.

From the Latin consecratus, pp. of consecrare - thoroughly holy.

consecrated: that act or ceremony or the state of being consecrated.


  1. Ok, how can it be Jan. 10 up there already??? It's the 4th down here.

  2. Uh, Julana, this was posted January 10th a year ago!! I forsook this blog for a long time and only lately revived it. Don't worry; no time has passed you by! :)


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