Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Boomerang Gift

(2 Samuel 7, 8)

David decides it’s time to build a permanent structure for the ark of God (vs. housing it in the tabernacle - portable fabric tent). When he declares his intentions to prophet Nathan, Nathan’s response is, "Sure, go ahead. God is in this."

Later that night, though, God speaks to Nathan about David. It appears David is not the one to do this project (implied. How it’s stated is a rhetorical question: "Are you the one to build me a house to dwell in?"). God goes on to give David some surprising assurances. The gist of what he says: "You think you’re going to build me a house? Well, guess what! I’m going to establish a house for you."

Then he goes on to describe how David’s line will never fade out, "...I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever...But my love will never be taken away from him (David) as I took it away from Saul...your throne will be established forever."

David responds in typical David style - a psalm, puzzlement, changing to praise and grateful acceptance of His intentions.

What I can learn from this:

1. How often don’t I act like Nathan - off-the-cuff. ‘Yes, of course this is God’s way.’ Then God comes to me later, in a silent time, recalls that thing from the day, and gives me the very strong impression, "I wasn’t in that." I need to learn check with God first, be tuned into those inner checks, so I won’t have to backtrack later.

2. God’s ways sometimes seem arbitrary. They make no logical sense - Why does He single out some - Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David? I’m sure I’ll never know in this life and have to be content with - He just did. God’s choices of some and second-stringing of others is as hard to make logical sense of as the individual brush strokes on an artist’s canvas.

I’m part of that painting too. But God will decide which part I’ll be. This is, after all, not about me but all about Him - His story, His glory.

3. We can’t out-give God. He responded to David’s generous impulse to do something for Him, with a gift for David.

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