Monday, October 25, 2004


Samson - what a study in contradictions (Judges 13-16)

1. The fact he wanted to get a Philistine wife was a God-thing (14:4).

2. God’s Spirit was on him despite his questionable lifestyle (13:24, 25; 14:19; 15:14).

3. Even God-touched-from-the-womb Samson was not above God’s fairness. After he cut his hair (something he as a Nazirite had been commanded never to do), the Lord left him.

4. In his suicidal death, he continued to fulfill God’s life purpose for him - to wreak judgement on the Philistines - by killing more in that one act than he had in his entire life.

What I learn from this:

1. I think I have God figured out but I never really do. He will do as He pleases using means I, from my sanctimonious stance, would never imagine - or perhaps even approve of. How unlikely is the Spirit living in a lush who can’t rein in his impetuousness, has a temper problem, a lustful bent (and, perhaps worst of all, a penchant for making up those dreadful riddles [14:14; 15:16]). Unlike Samson, I can choose to cooperate with God and find a meaningful, joyful place in His plan. Or I can do as Samson did, step over God’s boundaries and find myself destroyed in the process. Either way, God’s plans won’t be thwarted.

2. Even the most favored person can lose God’s touch. I think these are the saddest words of Samson’s story: "But he did not know that the Lord had left him. (16:20).

God, help me to play a willing part in Your story. Fill me with Your Spirit. Should I begin walking away from You, please activate some amber or red flashers, warning me I’m heading down a dangerous God-forsaken path.

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