Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Christian Carnival Edition 434

Welcome to the Christian Carnival Edition 434! Pour yourself a cool lemonade, or cup-of-whatever, and enjoy this week's great offerings!




  • Dean at Working on the Mission presents "Real Christian Unity." Dean writes: "What does Christian Unity really mean? What impact does the fact all Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit have? How can this be both inspirational and challenging at the same time?"
  • Violet N. (that's me) here at Other Food: daily devos presents "God is never shocked." By way of introduction: "On April 28th three families traveling on the highway between Fort McMurray to Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) were all but wiped out in a head-on collision. In an instant nine (and a half) dwindled to two .... To us the shattering of these families makes no sense. Predictable questions rise in our minds: Couldn't God have prevented the accident? Didn't evil triumph over good here?"



  • Russ at Thinking in Christ presents "Love first, Then Marriage." Russ says: "There was a time when people were married, then learned to love one another. Today, we place love first, and only in the case of love —'true love'— would we even consider marriage."

  • Ridge Burns at Ridge's Blog presents "Torchbearers." Shannon, who submitted this post, says: "Ridge Burns, who taught at a Torchbearers' school this month, relates that organization's history to Olympic torchbearers and the Christian life."


  • Russ at Thinking in Christ presents "The Deity of Christ: The Birth Announcements." Russ says: "There is a persistent modern myth that the deity of Christ was something added to the record of the Gospels long after Jesus actually lived and died —and that Jesus himself never claimed to be God. This series will destroy this myth in it’s entirety by showing how the story of Jesus doesn’t make sense without his claims to deity, that these claims could not have been added later, but had to have been part of the original record for the record to make any sense at all."


  1. Hi. I am a participant of this edition, and I would like to thank you for hosting this.

    I hope to take part in the carnival as often as I can.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Thanks so much, Romi! Great to have your contribution to this week's Carnival.


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