Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Christian Carnival 335

Welcome to Christian Carnival 335. It's good to have you back here at Other Food! Again there are many interesting posts in this week's edition.  Without further ado - read away (and thanks to all who contributed!)

  • Matthew C. Keegan presents Are Students Really Prepared For College? posted at WordJourney Magazine. Millions of college-bound freshmen will be leaving for school in August and September, with many marking their very first extended time away from home. High school is over and the college years beckon, but are students really prepared for college and all that this setting has to offer? (If, as Matthew says, college dropout rates are at 25%, this is a program whose time has come.)
  • David presents Some thoughts... at Help 4 Life  I'm always looking for new ways to collaborate with people. So If I can help with anything let me know! (This personable marriage, family, and youth therapist shares his life by video;  it's 6 minutes well spent).
  • Joe Plemon presents When Dreams Die posted at Personal Finance By The Book. Even the Apostle Paul had great disappointments. We can learn from his response. (Hope-filled post for those dealing with dead or dying dreams.)
  • Jose Anajero presents 2 Kinds of Success posted at Real Life Success. (Success viewed from various angles - like "When the opportunity to do right presents itself, the opportunity to do wrong presents itself right along side it.")
  • Jeremy Pierce presents Age of Accountability posted at Parableman. A critique of the age of accountability. (A close examination of this belief shows things aren't as cut-and-dried as some would think. Interesting.)

Would you look to join in the next carnival a week from today?

Posts should be:

    •    The Christian Carnival is open to Christians of Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic convictions. One of the goals of this Carnival is to offer our readers to a broad range of Christian thought.
    •    Posts need not be of a theological topic. Posts about home life, politics, or current events, for example, written from a Christian worldview are welcome.

    •    Posted between midnight Tuesday July 6 and Tuesday July 13.
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  1. Thanks for your great job!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful Christian Carnival. I discovered a number of websites new to me and I certainly appreciate your shout of Word Journey. God bless!

  3. Thanks for hosting a great carnival. I appreciate being included.


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