Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christian Carnival 324

Welcome to Christian Carnival 324 -- hosted for the first time here at Other Food! There's much excellent reading in this week's edition. Without further ado - have at it, and enjoy!

Barry Wallace presents What to Say When You Only Have 30 Seconds to Present the Gospel posted at who am i?. This guest post by Demian Farnworth generated some discussion with an atheist who stopped by to comment. (Thought-provoking for sure!)

FMF presents A Very Simple Budget posted at Free Money Finance. A very simple, Christian-based budget. (Who knew budgeting could be so uncomplicated?)

NCSue presents God and green beans posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING. (Here's a new one: green beans as an instrument to lead someone to God!)

Joe Plemon presents How to Get What You Really Want: Give it Away posted at Personal Finance By The Book. A look at the law of the harvest. (Excellent points all)

Caiti and Steve presents The Parable of the Good Samaritan posted at The Bible Blog. (Lots of good background info about who's who in this story.)

angela ambroise presents Devotions and More » Blog Archive » How to become a self-feeder posted at Devotions and More. (Superb practical advice here.)

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved presents Tattooed Truth posted at Unfailingly Loved. If you were to permanently display words of truth that you learned from the Lord in life, what would you choose? (Andrea never fails to hit a nerve.)

Diane R presents The Wrong and Right Way to Plant a Church posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet. People who start churches are often in too much of a hurry to get "their" programs going. But this often really hurts their members. (Wisdom in her cautions.)

Joseph Fallon presents In Defense Of Pope Benedict posted at Non-MainStream Opinions. (Reasonable and dispassionate.)

Darlene Moore Berg presents For a Sunday morning « Darlene's Poetical Pursuits posted at Darlene's Poetical Pursuits. This was an old "poem" that came to mind by the Holy Spirit to be shared this Sunday. (Simple yet profound.)

The Ridge Burns blog presents "The Mexico Outreach" at Ridge's Burns. (Amazing what can flow out of one little "yes.")

Steven and Debra Wallace presents FEDs Boo Hoo Collateral Damage posted at The END TIMES Hoax. Putting the shoe on the other foot...ouch! (What happens when 'collateral damage' is no longer just a theory.)

Weekend Fisher presents The missing superego: removing religion from the public square posted at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. If you believe that society helps for the "superego" or conscience, then what does it do to psychological development when morality is removed from the public square? (Another example of reaping what we sow.)

Tom Gilson presents Unconstitutional? Let’s Make That Opinion Irrelevant! posted at Thinking Christian. (Putting the ball back in our court)

Jeremy Pierce presents Maximizing Literalness or Evenness of Interpretation posted at Parableman. (Exposing a problem I hadn't even thought of.)

Space Age Lutheran wrote Lutheran Sermon in 15 seconds about how people expect an advertisement when you share the Gospel with them. The Lutheran way of sharing the Gospel leaves people expecting you to say more. (Short-winded for sure.)

Henry Neufeld writes How Bible Translation Should be Done  at Participatory Bible Study. In the 30 years since I graduated from grad school I have become much slower to give a positive answer to this question.  There are many factors in translation and different methods bring out different aspects of the text. (Mellow wisdom here - a good read!)

michelle presents Choose Love posted at And She Went Out.... (Pointed words, as usual, from Micey.)

Rodney Olsen presents Porn in Public posted at RodneyOlsen.Net. (Good initiative - Rodney & Co. Let us know how it goes.)
Finally, the submission here at Other Food -- a devotional: Finished and Unfinished Business. God's best may mean leaving our safe and predictable yesterdays behind.

...and a late entry: Bob MacDonald presents Preview of the next handout for the study of the Song posted at Dust.


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