Monday, January 04, 2010


TODAY'S SPECIAL: Isaiah 60:1-9

TO CHEW ON: “…And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you… and His glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1, 2

What is this glory Isaiah talks about?

glory: chabod (kah-vohd) means weightiness, that which is substantial or heavy, glory, honor, splendor, power, wealth, authority, magnificence, fame, dignity, riches and excellence. ("Word Wealth" from New Spirit Filled Life Bible)

When I think of God’s glory, I imagine the scene at the dedication of Solomon’s temple. The heavy cloud of God's  glorious presence made it impossible for the priests to stay and do their jobs. How incredible that must have been!

Che Ahn in When Heaven Comes Down – Experiencing God’s Glory in Your Life makes an interesting distinction between the glory of God that is the essence of His person (His eternal glory), and the glory of God which we perceive (His manifest glory).

“…The eternal glory of God is like the sun itself, far too fiery and brilliant for us to encounter directly or even to look at. But the sun’s light manifests itself to us in a variety of ways. It illuminates darkness, revealing the objects around us. It gives us spectacular light displays in beautiful sunrises and brilliant sunsets. It warms us and even tans our skin. Everywhere the sun goes, the sun’s light goes. But the sun’s light is not the sun itself. Rather, the light we experience from the sun is a manifestation of the sun.

“This distinction is helpful in understanding God’s glory. His eternal glory is like the sun: it is His very essence, beyond our comprehension or ability to encounter. Yet His manifest glory is like the sun’s light: a reflection of Him we can encounter in ways we are able to perceive, whether through physical healing, a peaceful presence in our spirit or an angelic visitation.” p. 26

Ahn settles on this definition: “God’s glory is His manifest presence by which He reveals His character of goodness and displays His power through signs and wonders.” p. 28

By this definition you can know God's glory in your life  any time you recognize His goodness - to you or through you. It could be the thought of where to look for your keys moments after you’ve prayed for help in finding them. It could be an unexpected cheque when you need money. It could be the reminder to pray for a friend. It could also mean coming away from a deadly accident unscathed, or seeing an angel or praying for someone and witnessing a miraculous healing. In Isaiah 60 God’s glory is shown when children return home, when there is joy, wealth, God’s house is glorified.

Has God’s glory come to your life? Look for signs of it today.

GRACE: Dear God, please open my eyes to evidences of Your glory in my life today. Amen.

MORE: A stirring rendition of Handel's "And the Glory of the Lord"


  1. "you can know God's glory in your life any time you recognize His goodness - to you or through you"

    I hadn't thought of this, Violet, but it makes perfect sense -- it's the glory of His presence.

    In my own devotions I'm reading Ephesians 1, where Paul talks about us being for the praise of God's glory. I wonder if that's the recognizing His goodness through us.

  2. Sure it is.

    And isn't it fine when readings from various places complement and reinforce each other! (I feel a little buzz of excitement inside when that happens.)


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